Follow our Sr. Competitive Team at the PCMCA Provincial Finals Mar. 5 through 8 in Nanaimo. 


Lawrence Woytowich, Lynn Wilson, Wayne Scott (skip),
Frank Nash and Jack Bowman (5th).
Bill Tschirhart is coach

As you are probably aware our Glen Meadows Masters team is in Nanaimo Tuesday through Friday. Bill Tschirhart is live streaming two games on Thursday 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. ( He will be doing a play by play commentary and has asked that our members be encouraged to watch the games. On the sight you will note that the coverage has provision for interactive feedback.

If you follow the Curl BC site under PCMCA for line scores, please note the team is shown under Wayne Scott.

"I personally suggest you watch the Brier instead."          Lawrence




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