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To get information about the the Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association (PCMCA) click on the PCMCA icon below.

PCMCA Logo The Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association (PCMCA) was formed in 1963 to create a competition specifically for daytime curlers (Men, Women, and Mixed) aged 60 and above. The association is for curlers living in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.  For more information click on the PCMCA icon.


Curling Etiquette ( the unwritten rules )

-         Be on time.

-         Start with a hand shake.

-         Finish with a hand shake.

-         Keep the ice clean, the shoes you use should only be used for curling.

-         Compliment a good shot.

-         Be ready when it is your turn to throw a rock. Keep the game moving.

-         Be courteous, Don't distract your opponent in the hack, keep your distance, be silent and motionless.

-         Don't walk or run across the ice when anyone is in the hack.

-         Sweepers should stay between the hog lines and on the sidelines.

-         Vice skips are the only players allowed in the house while the score of the end is being decided.

-         Skips should keep the game moving by minimizing delays in making decisions. Avoid long conferences. This is rock science not rocket science.

-         Please do not leave sticks, brushes, crutches or grippers on the ice.

-         Stick curlers should wear two grippers when delivering their rocks.


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