School Curling Spells Success

By Christine van Reeuwyk - Peninsula News Review
Published: February 03, 2011 1:00 PM

Curlers are quelling the fears that the sport is dying at Glen Meadows Curling Club.

Last January, members of the Masters Curling League at Glen Meadows gave one-day curling classes to KELSET elementary students. Wednesday many of those students returned to the program headed up by Grant Marshall, president of the Glen Meadows Curling Association.

Students Sarah Kim and Brandon Martinez sweep Wednesday

“The idea is — bring them out, show them what the game is about and hopefully, two, three four, five, six of them will end up joining our juniors … which of course leads on to senior curling.”

A healthy roster of volunteers continue to show up to share the sport with youth.

“I think curling currently is kind of a dying sport,” Marshall said. “We have to get youth involved and we have to encourage them to get into the game … they can be doing this when they’re 90 years old if they want to be.”

In the second year of the program, several students who started with the KELSET program last year have joined the junior group that meets on Wednesdays, as well as a development league that travels and competes throughout the Island.

Sarah Kim is among the students returning for a second year through the school program, and says it’s her favourite portion of PE.

“It’s fun to do,” said Kim. “It’s fun to sweep and slide,”

“It’s a fun sport,” agreed classmate Brandon Martinez, who is new to the sport. “The best part of the game is that everybody gets to play. It’s not just boys and it’s not just girls it’s boys and girls. Everybody can have fun in the game.”

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