Our Junior curlers are doing a fund-raising raffle with 2 rather unique prizes :
  1) - Doll in N/W coast traditional ceremonial dress -hand stitched by Gloria Roze

  2) - Kwakiutl Limited Edition Print  by Calvin Hunt -renowned artist & uncle of Marion Wright
  Both of these items have been donated in memory of Marion Wright who died of cancer last year at the age of 48 .
  Marion was the mother of one of our promising junior curlers & the daughter of Gloria & Foster Roze (active curling members & volunteers at    Glen Meadows)              
  You will have the opportunity to purchase tickets during regular league times from some of our junior volunteers. 
  The Draws will be made on March 19th - the Junior curling season wind-up.
Thanks for supporting this very important part of the future of our club !


Throwing the Old Pumpkin - Oct 31, 2013

The GMCA junior curlers found another use for pumpkins on Oct 31.  Even while learning to be great curlers, the GMCA Juniors can still find time to enjoy themselves. 

On October 31 they took time out from their practice to have a little fun.  The goal was to try to throw a pumpkin down the ice closest to the button.  This required a bit of finesse since, although they slid nicely on their plastic bottoms,  the pumpkin's weight was quite different than a regular rock.  Nevertheless, everyone had great fun, and several curlers had very good shots into the rings, with three of them ending up very close to the button.  Just goes to show the skill level of these juniors and their ability to adjust quickly to different game conditions.

Fortunately, takeout shots were not required.


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