Intermediate and Advanced Curling Clinic

Glen Meadows Curling Association usually has curling clinic for intermediate and advanced curlers in the new year.  

The dates have not been set yet for this season's clinic.  Please check the GMCA Home page and this page regularly for updates. 

Certified coaches will help you develop the core aspects of a “professional” delivery and there will be an opportunity to break down your delivery into its components so that you can self-evaluate going forward. At the clinic, coaches will help you individually to resolve any specific issues you have. You will be able to see your delivery through our video recording system and have it reviewed with a certified curling coach.

An advanced sweeping module will also be available. During the break, refreshments will be provided during the question and answer session.

A stick-delivery module will be given for those wanting to try out something new.

Stick curling is rapidly growing and this is a great way to prepare yourself for Stick League play. 


Please register in advance by phoning Glen Meadows Office
(Mon. - Fri.) 8:30 am - 4:00 pm ... Phone: 250-656-3136

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