Stick Curling Clinic - Dec 15, 2017


Stick Curling Clinic - Dec 15, 2017


Bill Tschirhart, one of the best curling coaches in Canada, will be leading a stick curling clinic at Glen Meadows on Friday December 15 at 1:15 p.m. This is scheduled after the regular Masters league games. 

Oct 22, 2017 Doubles Curling Day


Oct 22, 2017 Doubles Curling Day


The Glen Meadows Curling Association is pleased to announce a "Doubles Curling Day" on Oct 22, 2017. 

Dec 6 2014 Stick Spiel Results


Glen Meadows Stick Spiel Results – December 6, 2015


The Stick Spiel held on Saturday, December 6 was a great success. Twelve teams participated, all from the Glen Meadows Curling Club. The spiel consisted of four games with a light lunch between the first two games and the last two. Ten points were given for a game win, 1 point per end, and 1/4 point per point scored.

GM Stick Spiel - Dec 6, 2014

 Glen Meadows Curling Association Stick Curling

Archive Bulletin Board



October 12th, 2013

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know, we did not get enough members to run the Stick League again this year. Some of our members have felt confident enough using the stick to play in other leagues in our club, which was the purpose of our league in the first place.

However, I intend to run a couple of one day bonspiels like the one we had last year and I hope some of you will consider playing in that event again. Once I have the dates decided, I will send out more information.





Feb.24, 2013

Hello Everyone,

On March 24th, Bill and I are going to run a one day STICK bonspiel for Glen Meadows members only.

We will play 4 games using Stick curling rules. The first game will be at 10 am and the second game immediately after at 11 am. Then we will break for a light lunch of soup and a scone and at 1 pm play the 3rd game and the 4th game at 2 pm.  When all games are finished we will give out the prizes.

If you would like to participate and would like some instruction on stick usage, Bill and I will be available at practice times starting March 17th, to help and provide equipment of grippers and sticks. The entry fee is $20 a person and you may find your own partner or enter as a single and we will find you a partner.

If you have any questions or want to put in an entry, call  or email me, DOROTHY WRIGHT, at (250) 656-9933 or or at the Glen Meadows office.

This event is open to all members at Glen Meadows, whether you use the stick now or NOT - give it a try and have some fun on the 24th of March!!


Jan. 25, 2013

Hi Fellow "Stickies",

Got the information and thought I would pass it along. 

I have been to the last 2 Provincials and they are lots of fun. The curlers are not any better than us, so we fit right in. 

As you can see from the entry form - you get a wine and cheese, 3 lunches and a banquet and a minimum of 4 games. Not bad for only$ 60 a person entry fee, because you may also win a prize or at least a door prize.
Think about an enjoyable long weekend in Enderby!


November 27th, 2012


Christmas is coming and I hope that amidst all the Christmas preparations, that you have time to consider joining our Stick League at Glen Meadows.

This league is for anyone interested in learning to use the stick or improve their stick delivery play.

It is a two person team game with each team delivering 6 rocks for 6 ends. Brushing is only allowed from the hog line in. See ( )

We draw for teams each week and play for individual points.

The league will run from January 10, 2013 to March 28, 2013.

The fee for the league is $138, if it your only league or $115, if it is your second league at our club. 

I would encourage you all to let friends know about our league and that we give instruction and provide equipment to anyone wishing to try the game out before committing to the season.

Thanks for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon.
Call me to answer any questions you may have.

Dorothy Wright
250 656-9933


Stick league 2011/12 Roster - click here 

Mar.29 update

I want to remind everyone that this week is our last game of the season. We will play only one game - still working on the format - and then we will have some time to enjoy a beverage together with our fellow curlers!

I have not planned any formal treats, but I am going to bake some squares and Connie said she would bring something. If there are any of you that would like to bring something also, that would be great.

I am going to bring a questionnaire for you to fill out, so we can decide what we will do next year, a new league with a new format, needs to listen to it's members - and that is YOU.

I hope to see you all on Thursday!

Mar.13 update

The Provincial Stick Championship was held in Salmon Arm on March 9 - 11. There were 28 teams from the province, with most of the entries were from that area - Armstrong, Chase, Enderby, Vernon etc. There was one team from Maple Ridge and of course our team from Glen Meadows. There were 4 pools of teams and in each pool, there was 5 games played. The top 2 teams in each pool then went to a championship block to play off for the Championship, while the rest of the teams played on a Consolation side. We were guaranteed 6 games and after the 6th game, you had to keep winning to keep playing. The entry fee included a soup and sandwich lunch of the Friday and a buffet of Beef Dip and salads and desserts on Saturday. The people were very friendly and it was a lot of fun. We met some new people and saw several people that I had met last year, when Julia White and I attended the Provincial in Armstrong. Deb - the Armstrong bartender was there and bought Bill and I shooters to welcome us to the event. Unfortunately, Bill and I lost our 6th game, so our bonspiel came to an end, but we hope to go to the Championship next year, when it is in Enderby. We hope some of you will consider attending also!

Mar.7 update 

Just a reminder that Bill and I will not be at stick curling tomorrow. We are heading out to Salmon Arm for the provincial Stick Curling Championship. We curl our first game at 9 am on friday.

Lori Ogle is going to look after the draw tomorrow. See you on the 15th.

Also a reminder that on the 22nd we are hoping to have a number of people join us, so that we will be able to play a 4 person team game to see what that is like. If you know any other people that would like to play that one day with us, so we have enough people to make 4 person teams, please invite them to join us.

Feb. 15 update

HI Everyone,

Just thought I would mention that Bill is at the BC Provincial Championship in Kelowna, coaching the Harris team for his friend Lindsay Sparkes, the Harris team coach, because she was unable to go with them this time.

The interesting thing - is if you have some free time and want to watch some of the games, Bill and the 5th player are showing the game on your computer if you go to( ).

The games are at 10 am and 3 pm each day. The team won the morning game and their record now is 2 and 3, so they have to keep winning if they want to make the playoff

Feb. 14 update - BC Provincial Bonspiel

HI Everyone,

I am attaching the poster for the provincial bonspiel in Salmon Arm in March (webmaster note - attachment unpostable - for info pls. call Dorothy. )

Time is short for entering, but if you email or call them, you can send your entry fee a little later.

Bill and I are entered and I am mailing my entry fee today.

It was lots of fun last year, so I hope some of you will enter also.



Jan. 10 update 

I am off early in the morning and will be back Monday afternoon, but wanted to let everyone know some details about the spiel. We have 6 teams from our club going and Ed has 5 teams, so he is pretty sure he can get one more team to make the 12 he takes.
It is a one day spiel on January 21st and the first game will be at 12:30, so if you could arrive by 12, so you can pay me your entry fee that would be great.  It is $ 25 a person and includes 4 games. We will have 2 games back to back, like we play in our league and then have a break for tea or coffee or whatever and muffins that I will bring.
Then we play two more games back to back and then have a pizza supper, and the bar will be open.
Everyone plays all 4 games and each game winner gets $20 for their team.
Our teams are:

Dan Ogle and Werner Bink
Stan Hegstrom and Connie Moffat
Chester Brown and Ned Nedzelski
Julia White and Val Noyes
Vern Little and Barb Danbrook
Bill Tschirhart and Dorothy Wright

If you have any questions, call or email me and when I get back I will try to answer them.
Looking forward to the event!! I need someone to remind me to take some pictures for the Rock Talk magazine and our bulletin board - I forgot at the last spiel.
See you at the league game on the 19th. 

Jan. 7 update

Once again Juan de Fuca is having a one day stick spiel on January 21st. It will be run very similar to the last one in October.

I will be answering any questions you have about it on thursday the 12th, but we should put our entries in as early as possible, so if you could let me know via email by monday the 9th, I will call Ed and give him the names, so he can plan as it is only 2 weeks away.

If you know curlers from other leagues who might want to enter, give me their contact info and I will call them. 

I forgot to say that if you would like to go in the Esquimalt bonspiel on January 21st and do not have a partner, I will try to match you up

Dec. 5 update

Just a reminder that the ladies are invited to join the Day ladies for a Christmas luncheon on December 12th at 11:30.   It is a full Turkey dinner with all the trimmings for $18.95. Buy your tickets at the office this week.

Lesley Milligan and Lesley Pike were the big winners in the Esquimalt Stick Bonspiel that was held on November 5th 2011. Well Done Ladies!

We had 4 and a half teams from Glen Meadows in the 12 team event and all our teams won some money. The two Lesleys were the only team to win all their games.

The event was a one day bonspiel. We started curling at 12:30. We played two games then had a coffee and muffin break then we played two more games. Each game won was worth $20 to the team. After the last game we all enjoyed a cool beverage and a pizza supper. It was an enjoyable event and we are looking forward to the next Esquimalt Stick Spiel in January!

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